Non-EMI Classes


Soldiers are the rank and file warriors of the Clans. Though they lack any specialized abilities, they are versatile and can wear grounded armor to shield them from electrical and EMP attacks.

Fighter (any)
Cavalier (Any)


Hunters are ranged specialists who typically support a unit of either Soldiers or Machinata by sniping at the enemy from concealment. They are also often the group’s primary scavenger, since they don’t have to stand on the front lines and so have the best chance of escape.

Since stealth is paramount to their role, very few are EM-born.

Rogue (Sniper)
Rogue (Core)
Rogue (Any)


Alchemists are those rare individuals who have the drive and intelligence to take an active interest in the lost technology of the human race. Though some have EM-interfaces, most do not, relying instead on chemical power sources.

Alchemists are not technically warriors, but their usefulness often means that they get sent into dangerous situations to support a fire team or expedition.

Alchemist (Core)

The Mutagen feature uses one dose of Electrogel

Formulae List:

Level 1
Stone Fist (EG)
Jump (EG)
Endure Elements (EG)
Bomber’s Eye
Cure Light Wounds (EG)
Keen Senses
Temporary EM Scanner (Detect Undead, functions vs Machina)

Level 2
Aid (EG)
Blur (only vs things with Scanners)
Cure Moderate Wounds (EG)
Cat’s Grace
Delay Poison
Fire Breath
Resist Energy (EG)

Level 3
Cure Serious Wounds (EG)
Displacement (only vs scanners)
Rage (only on targets who have EM)
Remove Disease
Haste (EG)

Non-EMI Classes

After Darkness, Light Shadowmaster62