In the year 2023, a scientist working at Cardiff university announced that she had discovered a method of sustaining cold fusion in a generator the size of a small car.

Her name was Maria Kanzaki. No one believed her.

Within 6 months, she had created a stable device that could produce more power than a nuclear plant while consuming only hydrogen from the air, and producing only helium.

The U.S. and China both demanded that the university provide them with exclusive rights to the technology.

Kanzaki refused, and the university supported her.

On February 3rd, 2024, the U.S. set up a military blockade around Wales. On February 18th, the Chinese broke through the blockade.

This marked the beginning of World War III, and the end of the age of enlightenment.

After ten years of war, the world had been ruined, and all sides were broken and terrified.
Fearing invasion, American leaders ordered their people to flee into registered HAVEN zones, usually as far inland as possible, and issued executive order F0001.

The entire American force of military robots, along with any civilian robots that could be outfitted for war, were made fully automated and given the unending mission to destroy all targets who were detected outside the HAVEN zones.

So that enemy tampering was impossible, the military built a number of nuclear power plants deep within the earth to provide a secure source of power, and executive order F0001 was set up to be irreversible except by another executive order.

Secure within the HAVEN zones, the population waited in media-inspired terror for the Chinese to invade.

But the invasion never came.

A decade passed without any communication from the Chinese, and the president set out to reverse executive order F0001.

En route, his plane crashed. Half the remaining American soldiers, 10000 men, went to rescue him and help secure him a path to the pentagon.

They were casually slaughtered by the robotic American military.
The first people ever to be killed by executive order F0001.

In the year 2045, the surviving American people looked out of their ten-square-mile HAVEN zones with a dawning sense of horror.

Unable to accept that they had become prisoners of their own creations, the people rebelled, and the ensuing social chaos destroyed what little had remained of their identity and culture.
As the end of the 21st century approached, the American survivors had become the Clans, and their enemies had a new name as well.

The shining robots had once been called by President Beck the “Sentinels of Freedom.”
Now, they were called the Machina.

A hundred years have passed since the Clans began their war of freedom against their one-time protectors.

The year is 2214. The Human population North America is 403,195.

After Darkness, Light